Login Issue: No Migrated Member Found

If you are getting the "No Migrated Member Found" it means the username you used to log in does not exist in our database. Please do this to check on it: 

  1. Go to http://insomniacbrowser.com/my-account. (log in with the username that you used to purchase your subscription originally). 
  2. Make sure the username you are trying to log in with is listed as a licensee. If not, add it and that should fix the problem. 
  3. If it is listed, make sure you are logging into the browser with just the username (NOT the email).
  4. If it still doesn't work, email support@insomniacbrowser.com with the note "I checked My Account and am licensed and I am logging in with the username that is licensed, but I'm still getting the 'no migrated member found' error message. Include your username. 

With this error, it's also possible that you: 

  1. Have entered a typo. Just delete your username and type it again, slowly.
  2. Are using the wrong username. Do you normally append a number like ticketstud765?
  3. Are using an old user name that no longer exists?