Proxy Switchy Omega: Basic Setup

To use Proxy Switchy Omega, you must acquire some IP addresses. Please note, these are not part of the Proxy Switchy Omega service. You must get your own proxies. For more information on where and how to get them, please read this guide instead

Once you have your proxies, basic setup happens as described below. You can customize further if you need to, but the following will work for 95% of our users: 

  1. Click the PSO icon in your Insomniac Toolbar. It will be a black or blue doughnut shaped icon as shown below.
  2. Now you will see the Proxy Servers settings page. You will set up one proxy profile for each proxy IP address you have purchased. Here's a visual overview of the rest of the steps. Read the instructions below the image for more details.
  3. First click "Rename" to give your proxy a custom name. If your proxies have locations, you can use those. "San Francisco", "Houston", etc. You can also just use the ip address itself as the name. In the example above, we've just put 'Proxy 1' and 'Proxy 2'.
  4. Next, in the row for the 'default scheme', leave the protocol as http.
  5. Under 'server' enter the ip address or server string that your proxy service provider has given you. 
  6. Under 'Port' enter the port the proxy service has given you. 
  7. If your proxy service requires authentication, you can add the username and password to authenticate the proxy by clicking the lock icon. 


If you don't know what to put in one of these fields, it's best to email your proxy service provider and ask for the information. Different providers have slightly different ways of doing it so we can't always help with this part, but they will easily be able to. You can even email them this page to show them how you are trying to set it up. 

Once you have set up all of your proxies, you will see them listed on the left hand side under 'Profiles'. 

To switch proxies, now you just click the PSO icon again and you will see a list of your proxies. Click the one you want to use and you are off to the races!