Understanding the Licensing System and Multi-User Licenses

Here are some general facts about our licensing system that are helpful to know.


When you purchase a license, you can use it whenever and wherever you want. You can also share it, but it's important that you know that only one person can use it at a time. 

OK: Use it at home in the morning and at the office in the afternoon.
OK: Use it on a PC Monday and a Mac on Tuesday.
OK: Jack uses it for 10 a.m. sales and Jill uses it for 11 a.m. sales.
NOT OK: Jack and Jill try to use it at the same time. If they do this, they will log each other out. 

So if you have multiple people that will be using it at the same time, you should select a multi-user license when you make your purchase. 

Multi-user Licenses

If you purchase a multi-user license, you must set up a unique username for each user. You can do this on your  My Account page. See the image below for instructions on adding users.

Licenses on a multi-user account system have the same portability privileges as described above. So you could have 20 people that purchase tickets for you, but if only 10 of them ever work at a time, you only have 10 licenses. Just be sure you stay organized on who is using which username at all times so you don't log each other out. 

If you would like a video demo of this, please go to My Account and watch the video at the bottom of the page. Here's a screenshot with instructions.

After doing the four steps in the image you will be able to add an existing user or create a new one to assign your licenses to. 

Licenses Granted To You

If you did not purchase a license, but someone gave you one, you can see the username and email address of the person that did so by going to My Account and scrolling down to the 'Licenses Assigned to you by Others' section.