Login Issue: Access Denied or No Active License

If you get the following message when attempting to log into the browser

Login failed: Server Error: Access denied 


"This username has no active license"

This most commonly occurs when your username has been removed from the list of available licensees or when your subscription payment has failed. To see which it is: 

If someone else bought you your license

  1. Email the person who did buy it. Ask them to check "My Account" to make sure your username is listed in the licensee list. 
  2. Send them the link to this article.

If you are the license purchaser

  1. Check My Account (log in with the username you originally purchased the subscription with). If you have extra licenses, assign one to this user.
  2. If there are no extra licenses, check you Subscriptions page to see if one was recently cancelled. Payment failures are the number on cause of this error so that's probably what happened. 
  3. If it has failed, you can subscribe again
    1. If you had a grandfathered rate, technically it has been lost. However, we do offer a one-time grandfathered rate reinstatement per company / account . If your company has not used yours yet, please let us know the order number or subscription ID that was cancelled (from My Account) and we will set it up for you. 
    2. If you've already had a manual re-instatement, please resubscribe here