Login Issue: This Username Has No Active License

If you get a message that includes the following text when attempting to log into the browser:

"This username has no active license"

It means the username and password you used were correct but that user does not have an active license. Most likely your subscription payment failed or was cancelled and the most recently added username was removed from your list of licensees.

To troubleshoot it: 

  1. If someone else bought your license for you, send them this link and ask them to look into it starting with step two. 
  2. Log into the account that you purchased your licenses with. If you made purchases with more than one account, you'll need to log into each one and complete the following steps.
  3. Look on the My Account default licensing page. If you have extra licenses, assign one to this user.
  4. If you don't have any available licenses but think you should have more, check the "Status" column of the Subscriptions page to see if one was recently cancelled. Payment failures are the number one cause of this error so that's probably what happened. The number of 'Active' subscriptions there should match the number of licenses you have.
  5. Please note that if there are no cancellations it's possible you had a grandfathered that needed to be migrated to Stripe. Any annual browser subscriptions under $720/year need to be migrated and you should have received an email explaining this. If it's a license UNDER $720/year please let us know when you contact us. 
  6. If #4 applies to you, please resubscribe here. If you had a grandfathered rate, technically it has been lost. However, we do offer a one-time grandfathered rate reinstatement per company / account . If your company has not used yours yet, please let us know the order number or subscription ID that was cancelled (from My Account) and we will set it up for you. 
  7. If #5 applies to you please email us with the details of what you found.