Check for Change: Basics

Check for Change allows you to monitor any web page for changes.

A common misconception about Check for Changes is that it checks things in the background while you are sleeping. It can work while you are sleeping, but not 'in the background'. That means that whatever pages you want monitored must be open in order for the checks to happen. BUT, we do have a way to help you easily monitor pages.

We've tweaked our bookmarks system to also store Check for Changes settings. So we recommend that whenever you set up a page to be checked for changes, that you save it to a folder called "Checks" or something like that. Then every morning, when you start your day, right click that folder and select 'Open Bookmarks in a new Window'. This will open all of the pages in a new window so that they will continue to be checked throughout the day but it won't get in the way while you are doing your daily business. 

Another thing you want to keep in mind is that Check for Changes works on HTML only, not Flash. So it won't pick up changes in interactive Flash elements or the like. The good news is that Flash is about to join the dinosaurs in extinction as the primary browsers start dropping support for it. So soon Flash maps will be replaced by HTML5 and you can then likely use Check for Changes in interactive parts of websites too.