Cancelling and Refunds


Please note that if you cancel a grandfathered rate it will be gone forever and you'll need to sign up at the current prices if you decide to come back. We do not accept cancellation requests via email. You must do it via My Account

  1. Go to My Account for the account that made the purchase.
  2. Be sure to log in with the username that made the purchase. 
  3. Find the subscription you want to cancel and click 'Details'.
  4. Click 'Cancel'
  5. If there is no cancel button it could be because you have a paypal subscription and that will need to be cancelled directly through PayPal. You can search on 'Webatix' or to find your paypal charges.


As is explained in the  Terms of Use, we don't offer refunds. You have full control to cancel your subscriptions and you uniquely know what your business needs are as we ask that you take responsibility for managing your own account.