Remote Sessions

Most issues that come up with the browser affect several or all users and we are able to replicate it on our computers and therefore fix it for everyone in one fell swoop. However, sometimes, there are issues that are or appear to be rooted in the configuration of your computer. in these cases, we may need to do a remote session on your computer.

How to do Set up a Remote Session?

In order to do a remote session go to, download the free version and after installing it you will receive a user ID and passcode. Simply email us the user ID and passcode (in your existing support ticket or to and we will be able to remotely connect to your computer and assess the problem. We recommend that you close down any private or sensitive information that might be opened in web applications or documents on your desktop before you send us the information to connect to you. Once you send the information, we assume you are ready for us to log on.

How do Remote Sessions Work? What About My Privacy?

At all times during the session you will be able to be able to see exactly what we are doing on the computer as we will simply control the mouse and keyboard and you will still be able to see everything on the monitor. You can take over control of the mouse if you feel uncomfortable. Your mouse movements will always override ours. However any work we do will simply be to diagnose and fix your issue. You will also always have the ability to disconnect the session when you want and if you don't than when we are finished we will disconnect for you. 

We do ask that you don't touch the mouse if you don't need to as it could have unintended consequences if we are both trying to move it at the same time.

If you do not wish to allow a remote session we respect your desire for privacy however it may prevent us from being able to address problems that you have with the browser.