How to Do a Clean Uninstall (Windows)

To do a clean uninstall from your PC, make sure you don't skip step number 4. It's very important. A clean uninstall will remove all of your bookmarks, settings and other user data. Usually a regular uninstall is enough but if you've been directed to this page, it's because a clean uninstall is the only way to fix your issue. In that case, please see the article about exporting your bookmarks, which will also allow you to export most settings.

1. Go to Control Panel.
2. Click "Uninstall a Program".
3. Find Insomniac Browser and right click it to uninstall.
4. After selecting Uninstall YOU MUST CHECK THE BOX TO 'ALSO REMOVE BROWSING DATA' or else your next installation might be corrupt. If you are trying to install a new version and are not sure if you have done this or not, please uninstall it again just to make sure.