Using Bookmarks

Using Bookmarks

Bookmarks in Insomniac work just as they do in the Chrome browser. Sometimes the first step feels a little hidden, so, this article will show you: 

  1. How to display the bookmarks bar
  2. How to add bookmarks to folders
  3. Our suggestions for advanced usage to make your ticket buying a snap every hour. 

 First to set up the bookmarks bar:

  1. Click the three dots menu item in the upper right hand corner of the browser.
  2. Select 'Bookmarks'
  3. Click 'Show Bookmarks Bar'.

Now you will see the bookmarks bar and can click and drag the favicon link right before the http:// part of the URL right into the bookmarks bar.

Organizational Strategy

That's the basic usage. Now let's talk organizational strategy. We recommend the following: 

  1. At the beginning of the week set up folders for each day of the week. 
  2. Inside of those folders, add a folder for each sale time you will work. 
  3. Inside of THOSE folders, add the links for every tab you will need that hour.  
  4. Add Pasties to a tab if you need a password, then re-save that sale if you want to use the Pasties feature. (They WILL save to your bookmarks so you don't have to re-enter them).
  5. When the hour is about to start, just right click the folder and select the option to open all of the links. You'll be ready to go in an instant!

You can also keep a folder of events you might want to check back in on in the future. Just slide the link over to a folder called Hot Events or something like that and you will have a record of them.