Automatic Updates

Insomniac browser is designed to update automatically every time we release an update. Updates are critical because many sites you use will throw errors if you are not using latest versions. 

Here's how it works. 

1. We release an update.
2. If your browser is open on your computer, the update will start automatically (usually within about 10 minutes of you opening your computer).
3. You have to do a hard shutdown of the browser to apply the update. (Menu-->Exit on a PC, Command + Quit on a Mac). See the video below. 
4. Reopen the browser and you should have it.

You can always confirm your version number by clicking the 'OK' Icon in the extension tool bar or by going to Menu-->About Insomniac Browser.

If you browser does not update or won't install, it is likely being blocked by a firewall. Please use the related articles link below to troubleshoot that and to find out how to see if you have the latest version.