Roboform for Mac

Due to some snafus with Roboform not recognizing Insomniac as different from Chrome, there is an extra step for installing Roboform on a Mac. Please follow these steps exactly and if you get stuck, let us know exactly where. 

  1. Close Insomniac Browser.
  2. Download and install the full Roboform software FROM THIS LINK:
  3. Download the Roboform Installation Helper we created to assist in installation (but DO NOT OPEN IT YET
  4. Start Insomniac Browser and wait until it finishes it's startup process. 
  5. Unpack the archive you downloaded by doing this: 
    1. Open your Finder and click (or double click) the file "install_roboform.command" to extract it.  
  6. Click on the "install_roboform.command" in Insomniac Browser and you will be asked to install the roboform extension. 
    1. Push Accept twice and you should be done.