Login Issue: Active or Migrated Member Not Found

Active Member Not Found and Migrated Member Not Found means you have attempted to log in with a username that does not have an active subscription. If you believe you should have one, consider these possible causes: 

  1. You may have logged in with the wrong username. Many clients have multiple usernames and sometimes log in with the wrong one. 
  2. Your PayPal or Stripe payment may have failed. Please check the date of your last successful payment to "Webatix" then respond with the transaction ID.
  3. Sometimes annual subscribers cancel and forget they cancelled by the time their subscription comes around and they were delicensed. Checking your PayPal history for the last successful transaction ID from ‘Webatix’ will help here too. 
  4. You may have de-licensed yourself. Go to "My Account" and make sure you are listed as a licensee. If not, add yourself.

There can be other reasons for this as well. The best way to solve is look up your last payment from us. If you find you don't have an active subscription, you can  resubscribe here or if you believe your account is in error, please email support@insomniacbrowser.com with the following:

  1. Username I was logging in with:
  2. Email address associated with the above account:
  3. PayPal email address associated with the subscription (please get this from a PayPal receipt...it is often different than the email address you use to log in to PayPal)
  4. Date of last subscription Payment.
  5. The PayPal Transaction ID. This does not start with a letter and a dash. It’s all numbers and letter with no dashes.