Submitting a Report through the Browser

From time to time we get issue reports from one user, but not from anyone else. Occasionally we'll also get reports of issues we've never heard of from anyone.  

Both types or reports are very important so we can nip issues in the bud as soon as possible. To do this, we generally need more details about your system though. We've built in a way for you to easily provide this. 

  1. As soon as the issue happens, click the Menu Icon.
  2. Click 'Report an Issue'
  3. Send your message with the screenshot box and the system report box both checked
  4. In the message please be very specific on exactly what steps we can take to replicate the issue. ‘It doesn’t work’ is the least helpful report we get and we get it a lot. Please tell us. This may seem stupid :) but when they are provided we can usually resolve an issue in minutes instead of days:
    1. What you did.
    2. What you expected the result to be
    3. What happened instead

Here's a couple of images to demonstrate:

We'll be in touch shortly.