Browser Won't Install

Browser won't install

This article covers troubleshooting for cases where you download the browser and try to install but nothing happens.

Why this happens

This happens when your firewall is blocking the installation. The best way to handle this is add the browser as an 'exception' or create a 'rule' that allows it to run. This is basically you telling your firewall that you want this program on your computer.

Two Ways to Fix the Issue

There are two ways to fix this:

  1. Disable your firewalls and try it. (not recommended)
  2. 'Add an Exception' to tell your firewall to let Insomniac install and update.

The first method is not the best because you will have to do it every time there is an update. Being behind could mean you lose on key functionality and that could really cost you. Plus disabling your firewalls leaves your system vulnerable. So adding an exception is by far the best option.

Detailed Instructions

Here are detailed instructions for each method.

Add Insomniac as an Exception

This is the best method because it will ensure you get all future Insomniac updates and it will not require that you disabled your firewall. 

To get specific instructions for your firewall software, please Google 'Add exception (the name of your firewall)' for example 'Add exception Windows Defender' or 'Add exception McAfee'. The general process will be something like this: 

  1. Go to settings of your firewall software. (You'll need to do this for Windows Defender and any third party firewalls or anti-virus software you have installed.)
  2. Select the option to ‘add an exception’. Some firewalls call them ‘exclusions’ rather than exceptions.
  3. Use the tool to navigate to the insomniac.exe file and add it. On windows, this is generally located in /users/(your computer user name)/appdata/local/insomniacbrowser.
  4. RESTART your computer and try again.

If you cannot find the insomniac.exe folder, you might need to show hidden files on your computer first. For instructions on this, google ‘Show Hidden Folders (Your operating system)’, for example ‘Show hidden folders windows 8’.

Please note many people have more firewall and anti-virus software running than they realize. It’s helpful to check your programs list in control panel to see if that is the case for you. Most Windows computers have Windows Defender and any other programs you have installed.

Disable Your Firewalls

This method is a one-time fix and will leave your computer unprotected while you are doing these steps so it's not the safest or best way to do it. If you choose this method, do the steps and try not to do anything else on the web while you are completing them.

  1. First go to Control Panel-->Uninstall a program. If Insomniac is there, it could be a partial, corrupted installation so just uninstall it.
  2. Disable ALL firewall and anti-virus software (most computers have more than one) including Windows Defender, McAfee, Norton, Spyhunter, Panda Spyware and whatever else you might have. When you are done don't forget to re-enable your firewall.
  3. Restart your computer TWICE. (This step is very important, don’t skip it).
  4. After the second restart try installing it again.
  5. If it still doesn't work make sure you've disabled both Windows Defender and any other firewalls you have installed and try again. 
  6. If you still don't see it please try adding an exception (instructions below) or copy and paste the steps you've done so far then submit a report through My Account --> Priority Support.