How to Choose Proxies

We understand good proxies are not easy to find. We also understand how absolutely critical they are in avoiding or minimizing errors of all types.  

We've always gotten a lot of questions about this and for a while we could not find a proxy provider that had the capacity to handle it if we recommended them to our user base. So, we used to have a nice long helpful article here that a lot of people read and found great solutions for, but it was also a little too complex for many of our users. Proxies are not a simple thing. 

Recommendations we've had in the past have been good for a little while - until we started recommending them, then they get overwhelmed with capacity. For now, we are working on our own proxy product (please don't ask if it's ready yet - it's not a simple thing and we'll definitely announce when it's ready). 

We are also working on a section of Insomniac University that covers proxies way more in depth and in a way that anyone could understand. We expect that to be out in mid-April of 2018. 

For now, our best recommendation is to hit Google search. Some things to consider:

  1. Avoid free proxies. Yes, we know, free is awesome - they just don't work. They are free because the owners are either spying on you or giving your computer a virus. 
  2. Sometimes if you do a google search on 'proxies for x' with x being the site you want to use them on, you'll get a lot of options. 
  3. If the proxy provider does not specifically mention the site you want to use them for, always ask. This will give you a sense of if they are responsive to your emails or not and gives you a chance to get more info. Here's what we'd ask:


I'm looking for proxies that I can use on {web site name here}. Do you have any products that will work with that site? If so what plans offer it? Also, if the proxies do get banned will you trade them out for free or do I need to pay again? 

Thank you,

{your name}