How to Choose Proxies

We understand good proxies are not easy to find. We also understand how absolutely critical they are in avoiding or minimizing errors of all types.  

We've always gotten a lot of questions about this and for a while we could not find a proxy provider that had the capacity to handle it if we recommended them to our user base. So, we used to have a nice long helpful article here that a lot of people read and found great solutions for, but it was also a little too complex for many of our users. Proxies are not a simple thing. 

So, in 2017, we finally did a very thorough review of literally dozens of proxy providers based on over 15 criteria in search of a solid recommendation, which we found.

In the end we came up with one that we can not only faithfully recommend to serve our customers specific needs, but also one that can handle the capacity of us telling all of our users about them.    

They have a 'dedicated proxies' product that is intended to work specifically on the sites our users visit most. The price is not exactly cheap, but it's definitely a lot cheaper than other providers who have similar features. It is by far the best value, provides the best customer support and is the most affordable - DEFINITELY worth it from an ROI perspective. You'll pay it off on day 1 especially if you mix it with the Proxy per Tab extension to assign a different proxy to each tab. 

To visit our recommended proxy provider, please click here.