Proxy Per Tab


The best process and settings are this: 

  1. Click the extension icon to bulk upload your proxies. (Instructions are all right there in the extension).
  2. Use the setting 'Select a Random New Proxy for Every Tab'
  3. If the proxy is banned or gets soft blocks more than once, click the 'Disable Proxy and Re-Open Tab' button to take it out of your rotation.

More detailed information is below.

What are Proxies?

A proxy is an alternate IP address that your computer can use to mask your actual IP address.

What is Proxy Per Tab?

It is an Insomniac extension that allows you to open each new tab with different proxy from a list of proxies that YOU provide.

Does Proxy Per Tab Automatically Give Me New Proxies?

No. You need to buy proxies from a third party and enter them into your Proxy Per Tab settings. Don't have any proxies?  Please read this article. It has tips and FAQ that represent the most common answers.

Where Do I Get Proxies From

Please read the Proxy Primer for that information.

How Do I Set Up My Proxies? 

There are two ways. If you only have a couple, it might be easiest to enter them Individually. If you have five or more, it's most likely faster to enter them via csv bulk upload. Instructions are below.

No matter which way you enter them, you need to get the following information from the company you got the proxies from:

Information You Need

  1. Custom Name - (Not provided by proxy company) A name you give the proxy. If you leave this column blank we will autonumber your proxies for you when you upload them. You can add something like 'New York' or 'Superfast' or something like that.
  2. Host - This will be either an ip address like 12.34.567.89.1 or a subdomain like
  3. Port - If you proxy provider gives you a port number, you will need to specify it. It will be 4-5 digits usually like 54345
  4. Username - If your proxy provider requires that you provide a username, you'll need to put it in the settings.
  5. Password - If your proxy provider requires that you provide a username, you'll need a password too. 
  6. Tags - (Not provided by proxy company) If you want to label your proxies by their location or the provider or how 'good' they are, use tags. Add the tags separated by commas. You can later filter your proxy list by tab to bulk enable or disable proxies. 

Once you have the required information, click the Proxy Per Tab icon then click the button to manage your proxy list.

Entering them Individually

To enter them individually, just enter the details you collected into the form at the top of the page. 

Be sure to enter your host and port in the same field, joined by a colon (:). For example, if your proxy is 123.45.678.9 and your port is 60, you should enter


The username and password should only be entered if you are provided one by your proxy provider.

Entering them by Bulk Upload

To enter them via bulk upload, you can  download this sample file to give you the correct column names and format.

  • Be sure to enter the Host and Port in different columns - for this to work though, you need to have version 1.1.0 or higher. Version 1.0 does has a different set up and auto-updates from that version are not working. Just uninstall the extension and redownload it from to fix it. 
  • Name, Tags, Username and Password are optional, but YOU MUST KEEP THE COLUMNS THERE.

Once your proxies are entered, you should test them to make sure your set up is correct. If you are having trouble, please do not email us until you have tested your proxies since we can't really test them and a lot of emails we get are due to bad proxies or incorrect setup. 

Testing Your Proxies

To test your proxies: 

  1. Open the browser. In the first tab, go to It will probably show your ip address as being somewhere near your current location. 
  2. Click the Proxy Per Tab icon and select the option to select a random proxy for every new tab. (pictured below)

  1. Then go back to your tab. Right click and duplicate it TWICE.
  2. Go to the two new tabs and confirm if the extension IS WORKING or IS NOT WORKING, as defined below:
    1. Proxy Per Tab IS NOT WORKING if the two new tabs show your regular IP address. You can take these steps next:  

      1) Try the same test with in a different browser like Chrome. If it doesn't work in Chrome, the issue is with your proxy service. Please email them. If it works in Chrome, do this:

      2) Go back over steps in 'How Do I Set Up My Proxies' above again. If it still doesn't work, do this:

      3) Email us at and include the following:

      4) The web site where you purchased the proxies and the plan you selected (so we can help you troubleshoot it).

      5) The file you are using to upload your proxies. If not send a list of the proxy information so we can try to enter it. (Other than for testing we will not use them and we will never share your proxy provider web site with anyone - that's your business only).

      6)A video, on your phone is fine or using "Jing" screencasts, showing what you did to determine it's not working. Often seeing it helps us figure out the issue in 5 seconds instead of 5 days.
    2. Proxy Per Tab IS WORKING if your two new tabs show your proxy IP addresses.
      1. If it IS WORKING but you are still blocked on SOME sites it just means those sites have blocked that IP address and you need to ask your proxy provider for IP addresses that work specifically on the site you are blocked on. If they can't provide it, you need to try a different proxy service provider. 

We know that looks like a lot of steps, but it's actually pretty simple if you go one step at a time and you need to complete them accurately before we can properly guide you on next steps. Please do not say you have done these steps if you haven't because it just sends us on a wild goose chase.

Using the Proxies

Here are the options you can use to set your defaults for the Proxy Per Tab extension. Each option is defined below. 

  1. Use Direct Connection: This will just use your regular IP address, as if you did not have any proxies even set up. 
  2. Select a random proxy for every new tab: This means that every time you open a new tab, a random proxy will be selected from your list and that is the IP address that will be used for that tab. This is highly recommended because it will lead to fewer banned proxies, all else being equal.
  3. Rotate through proxies in order: This will not distribute traffic equally among your proxies so don't use it unless you're testing something.
  4. Use default system settings: This will often work like "Use Direct Connection" UNLESS you have entered a single IP or IP script in your settings in a different browser. 
  5. Switch Current Tab: This allows you to choose direct, system or random proxy for the active tab. 
  6. Open new tab: This allows you to open a new tab with the setting you want. If you want one tab in a direct connection, you can use this feature for it without changing your default setting.

Avoid Proxies with Soft Blocks and Bans

if your proxy gets banned or you keep getting softblocks with the same proxy, you can quickly disable it to remove it from your rotation and open the page again with a different proxy. The button for doing it is in the bottom right hand corner of your browser. Just click it if the same proxy keeps giving you errors.

Bulk Enable and Disable Proxies

Once you set up tags, you can use them on the settings page to enable or disable many proxies at once. If you have proxies from two providers and one of them has a server go down all of their proxies will be 'dead' so you can use this tool to quickly disable them until the problem is done. Just click the tag that corresponds to the proxies you want to disable and click 'disable'.

If you have trouble, please email us, but due to the complexity, we are going to ask you to follow all of the steps in 'Testing Your Proxy' before we can investigate further.