Gmail Switcher

The Gmail Switcher is a privacy feature. It allows you to switch Gmail accounts on the fly so that Google, the owners of reCaptcha, can't track your browsing behavior. 

Set Up

  1. Click the Gmail Switcher extension 
  2. Click 'Add Account'
  3. Add your Google account email and password. (Don't worry, these are stored and encrypted locally on your computer. They are never sent to our servers.)
  4. The extension will run a quick check by logging you into Google to make sure the credentials you entered were correct. 


To use it, just 

  1. Click the Gmail Switcher Extension icon.

  2. Click 'Log in to next account'. This will switch you to the next Google account on your list.

This is not a magic bullet feature. It requires some ‘art’ and a lot of Google accounts. Google may change its algorithm from time to time, which might also force you to change your strategy. The best advice we can give you is if it starts to fail, switch accounts. If all of your accounts start to fail, make new ones, season them during your regular browsing then start adding them to the rotation. Seasoning an account means you log into it in Chrome when you are doing normal browsing so that it collects a solid search history and looks 'normal' the next time you use it.