Cookie Cleaner

What it Does

Cookie Cleaner cleans cookies in two ways:

  1. Pushing the top button will kill the tab you are in and pull up a new tab on the same URL. This is our preferred method.
  2. Pushing the Cookie Cleaner trash can icon clears ALL cookies for the ACTIVE TAB.
  3. Pushing the Gmail cookie cleaner button clears only gmail cookies, but for the ENTIRE BROWSER. It's like logging out of gmail.

How to Set it Up

You can allow these buttons to appear on any web site you want. Here is how you do it:

  1. Right click the Cookie Cleaner icon. (only works if you have version 1.3 or higher)
  2. Click options.
  3. Add the domains you want the Cookie Cleaner and Gmail Cookie Cleaner icons to appear on.
  4. If you add '' to your list, the buttons will show only on If you add 'yahoo', they will show on and and probably on too. (Not sure if that site actually exists, but you get the picture.
  5. You'll need to do this on each computer you use the browser on.