What is a Proxy IP Address and How Do I Use them in Insomniac

A Proxy IP Address is an IP address that you can use to hide your the actual IP address you are using your computer form. When you use a proxy, a web site you visit will not know your actual location. If you use a different proxy in each tab, they will all appear to be separate computers to the web sites you visit.

There are three ways to use proxies with Insomniac: 

1. Change your system settings  just like you would with Chrome.

2. Use the Proxy Switchy Omega Extension to load your proxies and switch the proxy for the entire browser at once. 

3. Use the  Proxy Per Tab premium extension which allows you to optionally select to have each new tab use a proxy. 

Proxy per tab is definitely the most powerful as it allows you to have a different IP address for each tab giving you ultimate web browsing privacy.

For more info, please also see our Proxy Primer