Enabling Extensions and Edge

All extensions are now pre-installed in the browser so you don't need to download anything to use them. You just need a license to be able to enable them. Insomniac extension licenses can be purchased here

The process is this: 

  1. Purchase an extension license or Edge membership to get all extensions.
  2. Make sure you assign the licenses to a unique user in My Account. (If you only have one license you don't need to do this)
  3. Log into the browser with the username that has the licenses assigned.
  4. Start using them.

There is no need to download and you should not need to enable them. It's all automatic if you've assigned the licenses correctly. 

If you suddenly lose access to extensions, double check that the license is still assigned. If you are missing licenses it could be because of a payment failure. Instructions to check on this are here. You can also double check to make sure they did not accidentally get disabled. 

To check that extensions are enabled, please follow the steps below

1. Click Menu

2. Click 'Extensions'

3. Click Enable next to the extension.