Advanced Separation

Insomniac gives each tab a separate cookie jar (and optionally IP addresses) to help maintain isolation between tabs. But cookie jars and IP addresses are not the only way a web site you visit can identify your tabs. There are other ways too. 

Advanced separation separates all possible ways for web sites to link tabs in your browser. If you enable it (and then restart the browser) you will be using advanced separation. 

While advanced separation is not necessary for Insomniac to work, we have seen cases where it decreases error rates significantly. We've also seen cases where it causes other issues large enough to make that decrease a moot point. 

How to toggle Advanced Separation

Right now it's an experimental feature. You can toggle back and forth but you need to restart (not just close and open but actually restart) the browser by doing Menu-->Exit or Menu-->Quit for Mac every time you switch the setting so be aware of that  fact , please. 

If you would like to enable Advanced separation, you can do so like this: 

  1. Click Menu-->Settings. (Menu is the three dots in the upper right of your browser).

  2. Find the "Use advanced separation" under "System" and check it.

  3. Restart the browser - DON'T JUST CLOSE IT. Do Menu-->Exit on Windows PC or "Quit" on Mac.