UA Switcher (User Agent Switcher)

The UA Switcher Extension gives you fine-grained control over the User Agent (UA) that your copy of Insomniac will identify itself with when you visit a web site.

You can use this to help prevent websites from identifying your tabs as coming from the same browser. In other words, if each tab says it's coming from a different browser or even the same browser, but a different version, the web site will have a harder time knowing that your tabs are actually on the same computer.

Our recommended setting for the UA Switcher is to randomize the UA string for each tab. 

But there are several setting options. Here is a description of each one. Please use this image as a reference

  1. Current User Agent: This tells the current User Agent for the active tab. You can see in this example it is telling web sites you are using Chrome version 60.0.3112.90 and Windows NT 10, which is Windows 10. This  is not the complete UA's simplified a little to make it easier to read for people that are not UA string experts. If you want the full UA string please Google 'What is my UA string' and choose a web site that can tell you the exact string.
  2. Automatically Set User Agent: This setting is where you choose how user agents should be applied to each new tab. 
    1. Latest Chrome user agent for new tabs - this will automatically set whatever the latest Chrome user agent is for all of your tabs. This usually ensures stable performance, but less anonymity.
    2. Random Chrome and OS version - selects one of a few different UA strings that have recently been 'current'. This is the best anonymity and recommended setting. It made lead to some weird things like slight design flaws in web pages or strange messages popping up on some sites. It's rare this will happen but if it does you can just change the setting if it's an issue. You may never see a problem though.
    3. Default - uses the UA string that corresponds to the current version of Chromium that Insomniac is running on. If something seems terribly wrong, try this setting to see how it helps. It's the "how Insomniac has always worked" setting. If you use this setting you can also then set your own custom UA string. We've pre-loaded a bunch of Chrome UA strings for you but you can also add your own by clicking the 'add User-agent' button.