I'm Missing Licenses or Can't Log In to the Browser

If you are missing licenses or can't log into the browser, there a couple of common reasons for this. Instructions for finding out why this could happen for your browser or extension licenses and resolving the issue are below.

When checking on the reason, please be sure you are logging into your account with the username that you used to make the purchase in the first place. If you don't know your usernames, chances are we don't either, so please use the  account look up page for help. 

Subscription Payment Failed

The most common cause of this is that a subscription payment failed and you license was deactivated. To see if this is the case for you, please go to My Account-->Subscriptions--> and see if one of your subscriptions is cancelled. If it has been, please update your payment method and  resubscribe.

Here's how to check for this case. 

The License Has Not Been Assigned to a Unique User

Sometimes the subscription is active, but you have not assigned the license to a unique user. Every user needs to have a unique username so if you have more than one license, you have to assign them to your colleagues. To check on this, go to My Account --> Assign Licenses. If you don't have licenses to assign check your other accounts. Here's a demo on how to assign licenses.

The License is Under a Different Account

Unfortunately some companies have their license purchases spread out over several accounts. Please check all of your accounts for the 'missing license' before contacting us about it. If you don't know your usernames or email addresses please use the account look up link at the top of the page to find them. 

Still Can't Find Them?

If you still can't find them, we can look them up IF YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE ABOVE STEPS but require the following information:

If you paid with PayPal

  • Find your transaction ID or proof of payment
    1. Is it in PayPal (search for 'Webatix' for transactions before 9/20/2017)? 
      1. If yes, and it has failed, that's your reason. If it did not fail, send us the transaction ID like this:
        1. Correct Format: Letters and numbers only: 9M0611982U991212R 
        2. Incorrect Format: A letter, a dash, then letters and numbers: I-CKU7TLW0X188
      2. If there is no PayPal transaction, you didn't purchase a subscription through PayPal. Go to the next step.
    2. Is it on your credit card statement (after 9/15/2017)? (search for a charge from 'Webatix - Insomniac Browser')
  • Send us the transaction information
  • If it's a PayPal transaction, we'll need
    1. PayPal Email address
    2. Transaction ID
    3. All usernames you have made purchases with

    If it's a credit card payment, we'll need

    1. Date, exact amount of transaction
    2. Last four of credit card
    3. All usernames you have made purchases with
  • Can't find any of this? Well, you probably didn't order it. If there is no payment, there is no license. Occasionally we find that some licenses didn't cancel correctly so from time to time users have access to a license they were not actually paying for. Other than that, we can only suggest repeating the steps above.