What Is Escalating Pricing

Escalating pricing means that only a certain number of licenses are sold at each price level, then the price permanently goes up. 

Escalating Pricing applies to ALL NEW LICENSE purchases. This means: 

  • If you have grandfathered licenses you get to keep THOSE LICENSES at that grandfathered rate for as long as you keep the subscription active but new licenses will always be at the current rate, regardless of the price you pay for other licenses.
  • Anytime you want to add a license you can always find the lowest price (which is the only price) on the pricing page
  • There are no circumstances under which you can ever get a previous price on a new license.

FAQ About Escalating Pricing

Will the cost of my existing licenses go up?  

No, as long as you keep your new subscription active, the price will not go up. If you cancel or we can't collect payment, you will need to resubscribe at the new rate but your active subscription price will not be increased.

I emailed about the browser then the price went up. Can I get the old price? 

No, we encourage you to not delay. Once the price goes up it cannot be reverted.

When is the next price increase? 

We don't publish this. If you are thinking about getting it, we encourage you to jump on it right away!

I have a monthly subscription. Can I get the old annual rate if I upgrade? 

No, all new licenses are at the current rate. 

Will you tell us when the price is about to go up? 

Sometimes we do...but not always. We reserve the right to change prices at any time and will do so when the threshold for each pricing tier is reached.