How To Get Help

Our support hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST (Denver). We do out best to respond to support requests in a couple of hours, but we're not always able to. Therefore we've worked hard to put answers to frequently asked questions right here in the  support portal and to make them easy to find so that you can get instant answers whenever you need them!

Here are the best ways (in order) to get help with your issues:

  1. Support Portal: Search the support portal. 95% of all questions we get are answered here. And it's easy - A simple search for 'timers', 'proxy' or 'proxies', 'updates', etc., for example will get you an instant answer to your question.
  2. My Account: If you have a question about your licenses, subscriptions, price, renewal dates or anything else, log in to the web site and click My Account at the top of any page. All account and subscription details are listed there.
  3. Non-Technical Issue: If you have tried every other method and still can't find the answer, please click 'My Account-->Priority Support' and submit your question there to get priority handling. 
  4. Technical Issue: If you are having an issue with the browser specifically - bug or something seems broken - please open the browser and go to Menu-->Report an issue and submit your report there so we can get your system information - this will help us troubleshoot it for you.

Please note, our normal support hours are 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. MST (Denver) and while we're usually able to respond in a couple minutes, you should allow 1-3 business days for a response. That's why instant answers are the way to go! 

We do not have phone support. Even still, our customers have been wildly successful anyway.